Industry leader in safer, smarter, specialist stemming solutions


StemSafe Company Profile

Established in 2006, StemSafe’s innovative and patented design products and services provide safer, smarter stemming solutions for blast preparation personnel and on-bench and access dust suppression to the drill and blast and construction industry sectors.

Both founding company directors, Todd Woolley and Andrew Wheeler, have been shot firers for 20+ years, and recognise the safety and efficiency gains when using automated stemming and stemming/water delivery equipment. Seeing an opportunity to provide this as a service to the mining, quarrying and construction industries – Todd and Andrew started StemSafe to help ensure safety and quality in the drill and blast sector.

StemSafe are passionate about research and development, and continue to work towards achieving an efficient, productive and safe working environment for both operator and industry.

Todd Woolley

Managing Director

Todd started out as a shotfirer in 1992 in the Northern Territory open-cut gold mining industry, after completing a panel beating apprenticeship in Darwin. Involved in gold, hard-rock and coal mining operations throughout NT, QLD and NSW, Todd has utilised all types of explosive products and initiating systems.

After founding StemSafe in 2006 with Andrew, Todd’s main role in the organisation includes overseeing the design and manufacture of StemSafe’s specialised stemming truck fleet and recruitment of operational personnel. His main priorities are managing operations and overseeing equipment manufacture, including research and development of new products to assist and improve the drill and blast industry.

Andrew Wheeler

Business Development

Andrew’s mining career started in 1996, working with hard rock gold in north west Queensland, before entering into drill and blast operations the following year when he obtained his Shotfirer’s Licence. His work mainly involved shotfiring and drilling and blasting planning for contracting companies throughout Queensland, in both coal and hard rock mining, and included exposure to various blasting/initiating system applications and electronic detonator trialling and implementation.

Andrew was one of the first shotfirers in Australia to attain an Electronic Detonation endorsement on his Shotfirer’s Licence, and a decade after his mining career began – he founded StemSafe with Todd. Andrew’s responsibilities include overseeing design and manufacture, commercialisation/marketing and financing of StemSafe’s specialised product suite. His focus is fixed firmly on continuous business improvement and commercialisation of new products for the drill and blast industry.